Fitness Faux Pas – Identified & Rectified

Fitness Faux Pas
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We live in a world where it is very easy to lead an almost sedentary life. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself feeling overweight, unhealthy, and in need of a new health kick. This is a conclusion shared by millions, but the majority fail to ever regain control of their bodies. In most cases, those problems are due to some very simple errors.

So what are the most common faux pas of a fitness newbie, and what can be done to overcome them? Let’s take a closer look.

Four Fitness Faux Pas (And Solutions)

1. Doing Too Much Too Soon

After an extended spell away from sports and physical activity, it can be tempting to jump straight in at the deep end. However, there’s a good chance that you won’t boast the same level of fitness you did before stopping. Pacing your progress is essential.

If you are a runner, embracing the help of couch to 5k can work wonders. For sports enthusiasts, try easing your way back into those favorite games. Doing too much can lead to injuries as well as frustration. And sadly, that is likely to knock your confidence and enjoyment before you even get back into the swing of things.

2. Choosing The Wrong Attire

Comfort is everything when working out. While exercise should be challenging, problems due to the wrong attire can be quite damaging to your motivation, in addition to your well-being. Footwear is extremely vital. You can discover the best options for your feet at On a similar note, the right lycra and exercise pants are crucial.

Aside from wearing the right materials for exercises, you should support any injuries. Whether it’s bandages for weak knees, ankles, or elbows doesn’t matter. Ignoring those issues can lead to discomfort and long-term damage. This is one of the chief reasons so many people give up.

3. Following The Same Routines

It could be argued that all exercise is good exercise. However, anybody dedicating time to fitness should seek the very best results. Efficient time utilization is a vital element. While many foolishly think finding a good HIIT workout is enough, they’re wrong.

The human body is incredibly quick to adapt to new cycles. Therefore, you need to keep it on its toes. Add mini trampoline workouts, team sports, yoga and a variety of other workouts to your routines. Do this while combining cardio and weights for guaranteed sustained progress. Not only will the rewards be far greater, but you should find that fitness stays fresh and exciting.   

4. Not Resting

 Arguably the worst thing you can do when getting back into fitness is to ignore the need for rest. Getting a good night’s sleep gives muscles a chance to grow, and the body to repair itself. Visit for more info on the softest beds. Getting the rest your body needs won’t only aid your fitness; it’ll aid your daily life too.

The right level of recuperation enables your body to keep performing at the highest standard. It also prevents injuries. For short-term enjoyment and ongoing progress, getting this right is key. Neglect to do this, and your fitness hopes may backfire, following the same pathway as others who ignore the value of downtime.

Can you think of other fitness faux pas and solutions to share?

Leave your comments below in the comment section. Your opinion matters to me!

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  • 58



  1. These are wonderful tips for getting back into shape. I totally agree with the importance of having enough time for rest and getting enough sleep. My workouts are always that much better if I’m well rested.

  2. You definitely need to work into things slowly. Too many people want to rush into things and stress their body way more than you should.

  3. I’ve tried to follow several exercise routines or plans where they have you working out non-stop for a certain number of days, I don’t get it. I know my body and it can’t sustain that much or it never recovers and I end up hurting myself.

    1. Great point, Cindy! I too have done what you mentioned. I ended up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I tend to barrel ahead thinking I can (or must) conquer whatever I attempt, but have learned this sometimes causes more harm then good.

      Being in touch with your body, like you mentioned, is so important. We can learn to challenge and improve our fitness level gradually, without overdoing it.

  4. I have certainly fallen victim to the unwanted weight gain and the decrease in physical activity in the past. I think of myself as an active person but I do get bored with the same routine like you mentioned. I’ve actually been researching some ways to change things up – this post has inspired me not to drop the ball.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Brittany! I can relate. It’s easy for me to get bored doing one kind of workout so I have to keep things new and fresh.

      There are some great fitness apps out there that I enjoy switching out from time to time: 7-minute workouts, planks, squats, pushups, etc. When I get tired of one, I move on to the next. They’ve been a good complement to whatever else I’m doing, walking, kettlebell workouts, pilates…

  5. I am a newbie when it comes to physical fitness activities and I must say, these things are so helpful. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. This is great to know. Once baby comes I plan to tackle my fitness at a much more aggressive rate, and this is helpful. Zumba scares me. I tried it and really felt out of shape!

    1. Hey, Jeanine, Some Zumba workouts are more challenging than others so you might find one you like more. When I first tried it I remember getting the steps down first, then adding the arm movements. You could always do one or the other to lessen the intensity of the workout too.

      Best wishes with the new baby!

  7. It’s awesome to get back in shape but you can’t do it in a flash, you have to make sure that your body can adjust to what you’re doing otherwise, you’re going to have an even more difficult time. These are very good tips!

  8. Oh gosh to all these things. Things I’ve done and am still working on. Jumping into a new fitness routine but not changing it up is the hardest thing for me which lead me to taking classes. I can take the same class over and over but it will always be different!

    1. I’ve been there too! But, hey if you find something you like that works for you, that’s what is important. I used to take classes too and loved it….took the guesswork and planning out of the equation for me.

  9. I lost a ton of weight by doing the same thing. Zumba. It was a great way to workout and have fun at the same time.

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