Thoughts On Nutritional Supplements

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nutritional supplementsDo you take nutritional supplements? Which ones should you take? Are they even important?

These are all questions I’ve heard over the years, and I have to say that my perspective has done a 180 since becoming chronically ill with Lyme disease and a myriad of autoimmune issues.

As a child, my parents gave us a multivitamin every morning, usually with a glass of orange juice. My mom always cooked delicious and nutritious meals, and my parents were health conscious. I’m so thankful for that!

I grew up believing that taking my daily vitamin supplement would improve my health. Out of my innocence I took my excellent health for granted.

Later, after getting married (to my amazing husband), I had 4 babies in 6 years. At that time I was careful to take my prenatal vitamins, hoping they would help give the proper nutrients for our babies’ development. I soon learned too, that pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on your body if you aren’t proactive about living a healthy lifestyle. Even so, I cherished those precious years when our kids were young and dependent on us for everything. I loved the baby stage!

Sometime after our family was complete I became busy in a different way, with playgroups and ballgames, music lessons, trips, and a full-time teacher career. It was during this time that I stopped taking my daily multivitamin. I was young and healthy and thought eating a healthy diet was enough.

Now, just a few years later and my health and life have changed so much. I take close to 25 supplements per day, out of necessity. I’m continually learning more about the importance of buying quality supplements and no longer choosing the generic brand or buying whatever is on sale like I used to.

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