My Favorite Vegetable Is Ice Cream!

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My Favorite Vegetable Is Ice Cream!

Hi there! I’m Lori Geurin, and my last name rhymes with Karen. 🙂

I’m glad you’re here and hope you find my site useful and encouraging. I have so many things I want to write about and share with you and am thankful for this opportunity.

I’ve been passionate about nutrition, fitness and healthy living for as long as I can remember. But in recent years, my health has been a constant struggle.

Since 2012, I’ve been battling Lyme disease, along with many other health issues related to the Lyme. I spend much of my days focused on how to get better and how to help prevent others from having to go through what I have.

And part of that journey to health is trying to eat healthy and take care of my body.

I’m not saying that I have all the answers, workout everyday, or eat a perfectly healthy diet. Not quite!

Confession – I love sweets, especially ice cream!

(Say what?! Isn’t this a health website? Is she even allowed to say that here?)

As you can probably tell, I like to keep things real, even if that means telling on myself sometimes.

But, I know a little more than I did last year, and a bit more than the year before that, so hopefully I’m moving in the right direction. Right?

Delicious vegetables!

So pull up a chair, grab a bowl of ice cream, uh…I  mean kale (or at least broccoli), and enjoy!

*I actually do enjoy eating veggies. 🙂

Committing yourself to a healthy life requires hard work, dedication and a willingness to learn.

I believe in you!

I also believe that there is strength in numbers.

If we share our health journeys and encourage one another we can make a huge impact in the lives of other people!

And who doesn’t want that?

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I’d love to get to know you so please introduce yourself in the comment section below!



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