7 Reasons To Take Probiotics

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Probiotics are the “good bacteria”.

Consequently, there are several compelling reasons to take probiotics. But, they are probably best known for impacting the health of our digestive reasons to take probioticstract.

I first heard about probiotics 2 years ago. I had recently learned I have Sjogren’s syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD). These are both chronic autoimmune conditions.

When I was first diagnosed with Sjogren’s and MCTD my body was worn down from fighting untreated Lyme disease  .

If I realized the importance of probiotics to health, I would have started taking them a long time ago.

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness, or you’re completely healthy, you may want to consider taking probiotics. They can help practically anyone.

The Impact Of GMOs

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are used to make processed foods. Unfortunately, GMOs destroy probiotics, or the “good bacteria”.

People need to replenish probiotics in our bodies because we eat these foods.

7 Reasons To Take Probiotics

  1. They can help prevent autoimmunity and allergic reactions (1).
  2. Probiotics are effective in treating diarrhea which is caused by taking antibiotics.
  3. They can help reduce anxiety and depression. Dr. Gershon refers to the gut as our “second brain”.
  4. Probiotics have been proven to destroy harmful bacteria (Helicobacter pylori ) which cause ulcers. They can also reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS.
  5.  They can lower cholesterol, which could help prevent cardiovascular disease (2).
  6.  Probiotics can also lower the number of cancer-causing enzymes.

The Takeaway

Because of these benefits you might like to consider taking a high-quality probiotic daily.

Take them in the morning an hour before breakfast, on an empty stomach. Or you can take them two hours after eating dinner.

Also, you can learn more about probiotics here: What Are Probiotics And Where Can I Find Them?

Please share your experience with probiotics below in the comments section. I love hearing from you!

You might like to watch this video about things to consider when choosing a probiotic supplement.

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